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1-Day Food Photo Workshop in Paris

Join me for an immersive culinary visual journey in the heart of Paris at my 1-Day Food Photography Workshop. This unique experience will allow you to get hands-on with composition, discover the subtleties of artificial light, freeze culinary moments in action, and improve your post-production techniques with my expert guidance in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Theory & Practical sessions

Learn and apply your newfound knowledge

Editing session

Gain insights into my editing process using Lightroom and Photoshop

Small group

MAX 6 participants - a personalized learning experience & an intimate space for interactions

1-Day Food Workshop*

09.30 Welcome & Light breakfast

10.00-10.30 Theory with focus on Composition & Light

10.30-11.00 Light & Airy scene

11.00-12.00 Dark & Moody still life scene with flowers

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.30-14.00 Action shot-session

14.00-14.45 Hands-On Practice to Hone Your Skills

14.45-15.15 Break with snacks

15.15-16.45 Editing session in Lightroom & Photoshop

17.00-17.30 Q&A and Goodbye!

*The schedule is subject to change. The final schedule will be sent out to you 2 weeks before the workshop.


Composition & Light

Learn to balance elements, harmonize visuals, and utilize artificial light to enhance your food photography to new levels.

Light & airy scene

Discover how I create an airy and light food scene by using soft, diffused light to illuminate my subject. Learn how to use reflective boards strategically and how to employ soft shadows to add a captivating brightness and freshness to your culinary composition.


Dark & Moody scene

See how I create a dark and moody food scene inspired by Renaissance painters. Discover how to use shadows and incorporate rich, deep tones to create a dramatic ambiance similar to masterpieces from the Renaissance era. This will give your culinary compositions a timeless and artistic appeal.


Capture Action

Learn how to freeze a dynamic culinary moment in a single frame.



Elevate your skills by gaining practical experience, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding and mastery of the essential skills needed to create stunning culinary visuals.


Editing session

Gain valuable knowledge on how to edit your photos using Lightroom and Photoshop. Learn expert techniques to improve color, texture, and composition, transforming your images into visually stunning works of art. Gain insights into the post-processing artistry behind captivating food photography.


Why join?

Enjoy an immersive, intimate experience in a small group of no more than 6 students, ensuring personalized attention as we explore different scenes and delve into post-production techniques.


Receive continuous guidance and have your questions answered as I am always available, encouraging an environment where your curiosity and creative journey take center stage.

For who?

This workshop is designed for all food photography enthusiasts, regardless of skill level, and offers a comprehensive journey into the art of culinary photography.


Whether you're engaged in food photography, interior design, floral arrangements or you play the roles of a food blogger or a chef, this experience will ignite your inspiration and enhance your visual storytelling.



The price of this 1-day workshop is 595 EUR. It covers the tuition, light breakfast in the morning, lunch and snacks in the afternoon.

To reserve your spot e-mail me at

(There is an option to pay 50% when you reserve your spot and the remaining amount on the day of the workshop)

In your e-mail, please indicate if you have any food allergies.

The final schedule and the address of the venue will be communicated to you 2 weeks before the workshop.

The venue is located in St Germain in Paris, closest metro-stations are: Saint-Placide (line 4), Montparnasse (4,6, 12, 13), Rennes (12), Sevres-Babylone (12) and Vaneau (10).

Cancellation policy:

Non-refundable workshop. Due to the nature of the workshop it's unfortunately not possible to receive a refund. But if you can't participate you are welcome to give your place to another person. I will also try to find a person to take your place but I can't give any guarantees.

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What to bring with you:

  • Your camera

  • Lenses, preferably 50 mm. And if you have: a 24-70, 85 mm, 105 mmm

  • Tripod (for the action shot)

  • Laptop (+ latest version of Lightroom and Photoshop)

  • SD-card for your camera and a SD-reader to import the photos to your laptop

Annie, UK

“Your webinar was full of great tips, all so well explained and demonstrated."

Margaux, FR

"Thanks for your thoughtful approach, taking the time to understand my challenges and guide me through my food photography journey."

Patrizia, IT

“Your class was very in-depth, covering both technical and visual aspects”
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